Basic Operation & Maintenance of EWSD

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Course Name : Basic Operation & Maintenance of EWSD

Course Code : ST-310

Course Duration : 10 Day(s)

Course Objectives:

To provide participants with the knowledge and skills required for the Operation & Maintenance of EWSD switching system

Expected Accomplishments:

  • Knowledge of the structure and functions of EWSD system hardware
  • Effective Dialogue with the system using O&M terminals.
  • Understanding of the EWSD Man-Machine Language
  • Effective use of the system documentation and Manuals
  • Understanding of the basic subscriber, PBX, trunks, CCS7 and system database management

Who can benefit:

Professionals involved in Operation and Maintenance of EWSD System.


ST-300 EWSD System outline course


Course Outline:

  • EWSD Hardware Overview
  • Mechanical design
  • Overview System architecture
  • Functional structure of the DLU
  • Functional structure of the LTG
  • Function overview SN, CP, CCNC
  • Application Program System
  • Operation, Administration and Maintenance Concept
  • Management of a Telecommunications Network
  • Principles of a TMN
  • Task areas of Network Element Management with EWSD
  • EWSD Documentation
    OverviewMan Machine Language,Command Manual and Output Manual
  • Man Machine Language (MML)
  • Command Manual (CML)
  • Structure of the Output Format
  • Output Manual(Basic) Craft Terminal
  • Tasks and Terms of the (Basic)
    Craft Terminal
  • Common Software
  • BCT ApplicationsOperating Manual (OMN)
  • Layout of the OMN
  • Components of the OMN
  • Application of the OMNIntroduction to Subscriber Administration
  • Database objects of Subscriber
  • Local Area Codes, Directory
    Numbers and Code Points
  • Administration of Ports
  • Administration of Subscribers
    and PBX


  • Introduction to Administration of Charging
  • Types of Charging
  • Pulse Metering
  • Individual Call Data RegistrationIntroduction to Administration of User Channel Network
  • Database objects for the Administration of User Channel
  • Digit Translation
  • Destination areas
  • Routes
  • Trunk Group/TrunksIntroduction to Administration of CCS7 Network
  • CCS7 Database objects and
    physical connection
  • Own and Destination Signaling Point Codes
  • Signaling Link sets and
    Signaling Links
  • Nailed-UP ConnectionIntroduction to the System Administration
  • Areas of System Administration
  • Administration of Jobs
  • Command Files


Delivery Method:

Instructor led classes with Exercises, practical and CBTs.

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